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Read About My Moldy Mishap

Come on over to The Wild Garden Burbstead and read about my “Moldy Mishap” while remodeling the kid’s bedroom!


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Remodeling a Kid’s bedroom

To read about this project, go to wildgardenburbstead.com . I will no longer publish new posts on Gina’s Inspirations.  But I will continue to notify you that there is a new post on either of my new “.com” sites for a few more weeks.  If you enjoy the stories about building our burbstead, permaculture, gardening, and frugal living, you can follow me at the Wild Garden Burbstead site.  You can also follow me at ginaagaines.com for arts and crafts, herbals, recipes and personal reflections. I hope to continue “seeing” you at either, or both, of my new blogging sites!

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